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Inheritance law

In inheritance law, we advise clients both before the inheritance in the estate planning, e.g. drafting of wills, and after the inheritance in the estate settlement or the enforcement of compulsory portions (legitimes) or legacy claims.

Inheritance law can on the one hand be a very personal matter, on the other hand it can involve substantial assets. We are happy to advise you in inheritance law with foresight if you want to regulate your own succession, but we also advise you if you have become an heir, as well as in other matters and situations relating to inheritance.

In addition to the testator and the heirs, legatees, persons entitled to a compulsory portion, creditors of the estate, or a company may also be involved in advice on inheritance law and / or in legal disputes. Regardless of whether it is about drafting a contract, other out-of-court advice, or court proceedings, we pragmatically support your interests.

Due to our corporate law practice, we can also specifically advise entrepreneurs, their family members and the companies involved in questions of inheritance law. The company succession in family businesses and other owner-managed companies that are shaped by individuals is one of our main areas of expertise.

We also advise you on international issues (international inheritance law) in English and German.

We also take on the execution of wills in order to ensure the implementation of your wishes for longer periods in the future. We include tax issues in our inheritance law advice and, if necessary, cooperate with tax advisors. In the case of high assets and extramarital partnerships, the inheritance tax exemptions are quickly exceeded, so that one should also think about tax avoidance.

Inheritance law in Düsseldorf - our legal services

Our legal advice includes, in particular:

  • Creation of wills (Testamente) and advice on contracts of inheritance (Erbverträge)
  • Acting as executor
  • Accompanying heirs in the settlement and division of the inheritance, representation in disputes among heirs or with legatees
  • Advice on Vor- und Nacherbschaft (provisional heirs, subsequent heirs, remainderman)
  • Assertion of compulsory parts (legitimes) or compulsory part supplements
  • Advice on the options for restricting or passing over those entitled to a compulsory portion (legitime), as well as on waivers or unworthiness of heirs
  • Advice on and implementation of tax-optimized arrangements during your lifetime, such as asset transfers through donations, through purchases or through the establishment of companies or foundations
  • Advice on company succession
  • Drafting of articles of association - for example of GmbHs - with a view to the succession of shareholders
  • Accompanying and representing heirs in dealing with executors and estate administrators
  • Clarification of legal questions regarding the contestability and invalidity of wills
  • Advice on the sale and purchase of estates

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