Commercial law

Commercial law affects various legal issues of merchants, i.e. all corporations, partnerships (KG, OHG) as well as those smaller companies that require a commercially organized business. While corporate law regulates certain organizational forms of commercial enterprises, commercial law particularly affects the business of merchants itself. There are clear similarities with general contract law, although particularities must be observed in commercial transactions. We advise and represent you across all industries and also in international cases (in English) or when the UN sales law (CISG) applies.

Trade law – pertaining to distribution – is a focus in this area. But not only the sales side, but also purchasing, logistics and other areas of a company lead to legal issues relating to commercial purchases or other transactions in which we would be happy to support you.

The Commercial Code (HGB) also regulates accounting law. In the area of bookkeeping (accounting law and tax law), we work together with tax advisors and auditors.

Commercial law in Düsseldorf - our field of activity

Our legal advice includes, in particular:

  • Representation in legal disputes (in court, out of court and before arbitration tribunals), in particular litigation before a chamber for commercial matters established at the Regional Court
  • Advice on commercial transactions, distribution contracts and all legal questions relating to commercial agents (trade law)
  • Advice on distribution agreements and legal relations with distributors
  • Advice on procuration (authorized signatories, holders of Prokura) and powers of attorney
  • Advice on franchise agreements
  • Advice on questions of accounting and publicity, such as the publication of annual financial statements in the Federal Gazette
  • Advice to sole proprietorships, for example on questions of merchant status
  • Creation and revision of general terms and conditions (GTC, German: „AGB“) and advice on these
  • Support in questions of commercial register law (obligation to register, ongoing registrations, corrections to the register content)

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