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Your „litigation firm“ from Düsseldorf

Litigation is not a separate field of law, but forms an essential activity in the specialist areas of our law firm, especially in

as well as in M&A disputes.

Field of activity in legal proceedings

Representation before the ordinary courts (civil lawsuits) is another focus of our work in addition to the out-of-court settlement of legal relationships.

We act on your behalf on the plaintiff or defendant side in local courts (Amtsgericht), regional courts (Landgericht) and higher regional courts (Oberlandesgericht), we lodge legal remedies (e.g. appeal, immediate complaint, legal complaint) or ward them off for you. If there are multiple parties involved, we can either represent several parties or just a single party, a third party recipient or an intervener. We support you, among other things, in relation to counterclaims (lawsuits against the plaintiff), offsetting, settlement of the legal dispute and restitution to the previous status (restitutio in integrum) in the event of any missed deadlines.

Have you been served with a lawsuit, a payment order or an enforcement order? Then it is particularly important that you react quickly and that you hand the matter over to a lawyer while the deadline is still in effect, stating the exact delivery date.

Our legal advice includes, in particular:

  • Advice on the chances of success of a lawsuit and the strategic approach (including the right counterparty, right court, amount of claim, type of action)
  • Attempt to settle disputes out of court, settlement negotiations
  • Judicial debt collection
  • Establishing the facts and the evidence
  • Advice and representation in case of default judgments
  • Appeal process
  • Proceedings in the Commercial Chamber (at the Regional Court)
  • Corporate law disputes, e.g. actions to contest resolutions
  • Lawsuits in inheritance law, e.g. for the surrender of a legacy or for settlement of an estate
  • Lawsuits related to real estate, such as for conveyance or reversal

Court venues

We represent you in particular at the Regional Court of Düsseldorf (Landgericht (LG) Düsseldorf), but also nationwide, in particular at

and at many other courts. Get in contact with us about whether the distance can be considered in your individual case, and we will find a solution!

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