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We advise and represent our clients in areas of commercial and civil law.

Contract law and other private law

We advise and represent you on general contractual or other private law issues that can arise both in your business and in a private context, and which can be about payment claims, liability for damages, cooperation, drafting contracts, reclaims of payments or similar.

The general private law of the German Civil Code (BGB) forms a basis that may apply in many contexts. This includes, for example, sales law pertaining to sales contracts. In the commercial field, it is overlaid by commercial law. We advise and represent you as a client in out-of-court negotiations, contractual arrangements between the parties involved, as well as in judicial disputes over claims. The drafting of contracts for the amicable settlement of disputes, for example through a friendly agreement, and the contentious enforcement in court proceedings are equally focal points of our legal work. We will discuss with you in each individual case which procedure is most promising.

Within private law, we also focus on inheritance law and real estate law, especially real estate transactions.

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